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When The Rain Came 

  My new body of work When The rain Came is my third solo exhibition

I have a close connection to the earth and nature and aim to use spontaneous movements, creating marked layers. I strive to balance my actions so that a space is given for the work to emerge without the artist hand being overtly present.  

Dialogue is necessary, a response to the movement of the material, to be present in boundary between control and release.  

I consider my work to be very explorative but yet at the same time I let the material guide me in my work .

Painting on varies paper medium I found that  one day their was a leak in my studio and the water dripped threw the roof onto my expensive papers  creating really interesting spools of water . This happy accident in rainy Manchester was the inspiration I needed to push my work further so I cantered my work around the wetness of paper. Getting a balance of ink was challenging  I think there is a fine line between normality and chaos its just one brush stroke away from ruin yet water gave me the freedom of the unexpected . 

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