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     A Time To Rejoice  

My ceramic  studio, located within a renovated shoe factory, resembles the set of a fairy tale. Families of mice cluster together on the window ledge, cabinets of porcelain butterflies hang from the walls and a shelf full of white owls peer at intruders. Even the ornate birdcages hang from the ceiling, creating ethereal and patterned shadows on the wall.

Whilst studying at Manchester University my mother , Cynthia passed away. I channelled the grief I experienced into my practice, producing the Story Of The Birds in commemoration of my mum for this sad but humorous tale. I designed a collection of dead birds with accompanying audio sound. I have recently began to work on a series of more abstract birds. These objects have taken on a more sculptural and monumental feel. I now work  in an increasingly expressive and immediate manner, using as few movements as possible . I slice into the clay and leave many of the folds, which emerge, from the cuts. The less you touch the clay the more beautiful it looks. Celebrating the natural beauty of the medium, I allow each bird to form within my hands, the graceful pleats of a wing, the curve of a beak; all emerge from the creases of the clay as if by magic. I intricately paint each one of the creatures, translating my watercolour studies onto the ceramic surface. I try to endow each animal with its own character.

I feel my hands are identical to those of my mothers and when I'm making, rolling and painting she is there with me .

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