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Young Trumpeter

A) Design and Make a Characterful Hare Wall Hanging

Saturday 27th November 2021,12pm- 14.30pm- £45.00 Per Person

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Modern Dance

B) Design and Make a Characterful Bird Wall Hanging

Sunday 28th November ,12pm till 14.30pm -£45.00 Per Person

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Arts and Crafts

C) Design Your Very Own Arts & Crafts Sgraffito Mirror

Saturday 4th December 2021 ,11am till 14.30 -£55.00 Per Person

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Tennis Balls and Racket

D) Design Your Very Own Antique Style Mirror

Sunday 5th December ,11am-14.30 - £55.00 Per Person

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Baking Cream

E) Get Into The Festive Spirit Creating Ceramic Bunting

Saturday the 11th December 12pm till 14.30pm- £35.00 Per person

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F) Terms & Conditions

Please read before purchase

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