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The Story Of The Birds

  1. When I was a child my Mother offered to take care of my uncle's aviary whilst he was on holiday. The aviary was his pride and joy housing a large number of rare and exotic birds. He had spent many years collecting and maintaining it. My Mother was tasked with the feeding and watering, but otherwise they were fairly self sufficient for the week. It should have been so easy!My Father received an urgent phone call from my hysterical Mother. He was to come at once to my Uncle's house. On arrival he discovered my Mother, crying amongst the birds which were now dead. They had died overnight. The cause of death was soon discovered to be gas poisoning. The previous day she had left the gas hob turned on after making a cup of tea. The gas had filled the aviary and killed all of the birds. Our family still find great amusement from this story, as it is indicative of my Mother's forgetful nature. Only my Uncle has yet to see the funny side of this event.



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